G-MAX Reverse Bungy & GX-5 Extreme Swing.
100% Pure
NZ Adrenalin
The G-MAX & the GX-5 were designed and created in New Zealand, the home of bungy!

Proudly, we have a100% safety record...Over 1,000,000 riders!

The Reverse Bungy & Giant Swing operate internationally in over 7 countries around the world.

The G-MAX reaches 60 meters in the air, hitting speeds of up to 200 kph and G Force 5!

The GX-5 falls from 50m, reaching over 120 kph!

G-MAX Bungy cords are crafted from premium grade rubber, being carefully hand-made by trained experts to withstand over 10,000 kg's of weight.

Highly trained staff work on all aspects of operation providing a fun, safe environment.

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In preparation for our 10th anniversary, 
the G-MAX Reverse Bungy is currently 
closed for renovation.

However, the GX5 Extreme Swing is still OPEN and ready to make you 

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused during this temporary closure. 

For any enquiries, please contact;
Simon Dunlop, Managing Director at 
simon@marketingworld.co.nz or +64 21 310 104

or Nuridah Rahman, Administration Manager at
admin@gmax.com.sg or +65 6535 6746

We look forward to seeing you soon, and to celebrating 
10 adrenalin-filled years in Singapore!mailto:simon@marketingworld.co.nzmailto:admin@gmax.com.sgshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1